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As per Swami Vishnu Devananda, reflection is “… .a nonstop stream of recognition or thought, much the same as the stream of water in a waterway.” A practice wherein there is steady perception of the psyche, contemplation brings mindfulness, amicability and characteristic request into life. It helps you delve profound into your internal identity to find the astuteness and peacefulness that exist in.

Standards of Meditation

The fundamental focuses to be remembered in honing reflection are :

Have an extraordinary spot and particular time for contemplation. Have a go at doing it day by day.

Pick a period when your brain is not obfuscated with stresses.

Sit up straight with your back, neck and head in one line. Confronting north or east.

Condition your psyche such in order to stay calm for the length of time of your contemplation session.

Direct your relaxing. Begin with 5 minutes of profound relaxing. At that point step by step moderate it down.

Take after a cadenced breathing example – breathe in and breathe out.

At first let your psyche meander. It becomes more anxious in the event that you compel to think.

At that point gradually convey it to lay on the point of convergence of your decision.

Hold your object of fixation at this point of convergence all through your session.

Reflection happens when you achieve a condition of immaculate thought. Indeed, even while holding a consciousness of duel self.

Taken after steadily you will soon have the capacity to achieve a super-cognizant state.

Tips on Concentration

At the start, it is difficult to keep your regard for keep focussed on one item.

So it is ideal to begin off by restricting your field of focus to a class of items.

Pick your items with consideration e.g. any four blossoms, natural products, trees…etc. You must feel calm with what you pick.

Subsequent to focusing on one, you can proceed onward to the following, if & when your brain begins meandering.

This style of reflective activity will help you control your psyche down to a better center, showing you the guideline of single point fixation.

Reflective Posture

Yoni Mudra

Frontal & Nasal Gazing

Candle Gazing

Close your ears with thumbs.

Gaze at a point between your eyebrows, seat of the ‘Third Eye’ or at the tip or your nose.

Place a candle at eye-level in a darkened, draught-free room.

Cover your eyes with your index finger.

This would improve your level of concentration. At the same time, strengthening your eye muscles. Nasal gazing has a positive effect on the central nervous system.

Close your eyes and hold an after-image of the bright flame.

Close your nostrils with your middle fingers.

Remember not to strain your eyes. Start with one minute of gazing and then slowly build it up to ten minutes.

The practice steadies the wandering mind, leading you to focus with pin-point accuracy.

Press your lips together with your remaining fingers.



Release the middle fingers gently to inhale and exhale while you meditate.





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