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Ayurveda: Diagnosis

Determination Process

The irregularity of doshas and the course they take after to bring about illness is termed samprapti or pathogenesis. Since ailments grow in unmistakable stages, a great information of those aides in ahead of schedule acknowledgment of illness. Ayurveda accordingly expounds a six stage process for finding called Kriya (activity) Kal (time). The initial 4 stages being one of a kind to Ayurveda in that they allow acknowledgment and end of the infection before it wanders into separated clinical manifestations.

One who knows the different phases of pathogenesis aggregation (sanchaya), incitement (prakopa) spread or relocation (prasara), statement or enlargement (sthana samshaya), appearance (vyakti) and the separation (bheda) is qualified for be a doctor.

Stage One: Accumulation (Sanchaya)

Feeble digestive force and abundance of dosha is in charge of such a condition.

Here poisons (ama) created by inappropriate assimilation gathers in the gastro-intestinal (GI) tract.

Poisons coming about because of a kapha awkwardness gathers in the stomach, those connected with a pitta unevenness gathers in the small digestive system, and that identified with vata breakdown stores up in the colon.

Because of the vicinity of one of these poisons, gentle and badly characterized side effects may indicate.

We ought to perceive and kill the reason as opposed to disregarding or stifling it.

Causes repugnance for comparable things and fascination for contraries.

Stage Two : Aggravation (Prokapa)

The gathered, stagnant doshas are presently `excited’ by components as ahara, vihara & seasons.

The poisons store up in such degree to get incited in the site of creation in the GI tract.

Stage Three : Spread (Prasara)

In this stage, the poisons aggregated in the GI tract begin flooding.

By and large, up to this stage the harm is totally reversible and rebuilding of doshic offset can be accomplished with legitimate measures. Then again there may be unconstrained prashama (abatement) impacted via occasional changes. Consequently there is sanchaya of pitta in blustery season, prakopa in fall and prasara in ahead of schedule winter. In light of level of excitation, it may even passed the phases of prashama or prasara.

Stage Four : Agumentation (Sthana Samshraya)

Flooding poisons relocate, entering and taking asylum in limited, feeble or blemished dhatus subsequently prompting glitch and basic harm.

It is from here that particular deteriorating illness and susceptibilities to genuine contaminations start.

Stage Five : Symptom Manifestation (Vyakti)

Separated manifestations first start to show up from the area.

Showed manifestations being utilized by modem pharmaceutical for arrangement & analysis of ailment.

Stage Six: Complications/Differentiation (Bheda)

The illness having taken years or even decades to achieve this last stage, gets to be constant.

Offers point by point comprehension of the gathering of indications in this manner making clear nature of ailment.

Strength go about as inclining components for the spread of different sicknesses.

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